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New Victorian end of life care plan is everybody’s business

New Victorian end of life and palliative care framework welcome

Palliative Care Victoria welcomes the new framework for end of life care and palliative care announced today by the Victorian Minister of Health, Hon. Jill Hennessy.

“This visionary and ambitious plan recognizes that end of life care is very important to all Victorians and that we need to re-design and strengthen our services to meet community expectations and growing demand much more effectively,” said Dr. Judi Greaves, Chair of the Victorian peak body for palliative care.


Based on extensive community consultations, the framework aims to provide the best palliative care and end of life care in ways that are tailored to each person’s needs and preferences.

The framework sets out seven guiding principles, a vision and six goals:

  • People experience optimal end of life care
  • People’s pain and symptoms are managed using quality interventions
  • People’s preferences and values are recognized and respected
  • Better support for carers
  • People are cared for in their place of choice
  • Where possible, people can choose to die in their place of choice

It also identifies five priority areas:

  • Person-centered services
  • Engaging communities, embracing diversity
  • People receive services that are coordinated and integrated
  • Quality end of life and palliative care is everyone’s responsibility
  • Specialist palliative care is strengthened

Victoria's end of life and palliative care framework

A guide for high quality end of life care for all Victorians published by the Victorian Government July 2016

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New end of life care plan is everybody's business

Palliative Care Victoria strongly supports the vision, goals and directions outlined in the Victorian End of Life Care Framework launched by the Minister for Health on 7 July 2016

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