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Carers Exhibition at the Grampians

Showing at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Town Hall, Ararat
1 November to 5 December 2016.



What is it like to care for a family member at home when they are in palliative care? How does that change your relationship? How does it change how you live your life? How do you cope with grief?

This set of ten photographic portraits by Pippa Wischer with text reveals some of the joys as well as some of the challenges of caring for a family member in palliative care. It also reveals how the participants deal with death, and with grief. They share the benefits and difficulties of looking after their family members at home, and acknowledge how the experience has changed them.

‘Carers in the Grampians’ is a project of Grampians Regional Palliative Care Team.

For further information including gallery hours visit the Ararat Regional Art Gallery website

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