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Assisted dying laws pose risks for end of life care in Asia Pacific

At the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network Conference in Singapore last week, palliative care world leaders prepared a joint statement calling on all Australian Governments to reject euthanasia.

“For those of us trying to improve end-of-life care, licensing doctors to provide or administer lethal drugs to patients poses serious risks of sabotaging efforts around the globe to convince governments that pain relief and good end-of-life care are basic human rights.”

In much of the Asia Pacific region, pioneers are struggling to establish good end-of-life services in the face of little political and financial support.

Eighty percent of people who are dying in the world has little or no access to morphine for pain relief. Palliative care development must be a priority.

You can read the APHN @APHPCN statement in full and show your support via their website (below).


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