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Cultural Responsiveness Strategy

The Culturally Responsive Palliative Care Community Education Project was undertaken in partnership with the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria in 2013-2015 and with the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health in 2013-2014.

This involved community engagement and peer education to raise awareness of, and access to, palliative care services. We focused on ten larger communities: Chinese, Maltese, Italian, Turkish and Vietnamese during 2013-15 and the Greek, Macedonian, Polish, Croatian and Arabic-speaking background communities in 2014-15.


Key activities

  • Community education sessions about palliative care  4,846 people from 10 CALD communities participated in 150 community education sessions in community languages delivered by trained bi-lingual health educators
  • Media and communications activities helped to raise awareness of palliative care more broadly among the 10 CALD communities
  • Cultural responsiveness education for palliative care services –  27 4-hour workshops were attended by 420 palliative care staff and volunteers.

Resources developed

High quality resources developed with the relevant communities have utility beyond the project, including:

  • A peer education resource that is tailored to include specific information about culturally sensitive issues
  • Bilingual information leaflets about palliative care
  • A communications toolkit for use by community organisations
  • Training handbooks and a video clip used for the culturally responsive education program for the palliative care sector.

Next Steps

Palliative Care Victoria will continue to work with the CALD and palliative care sectors to strengthen access to culturally responsive palliative care services.  In 2016 and beyond, we will continue to support those CALD community organisations who worked with us in 2013-15 as they provide advice about palliative care and referrals to their communities. We will also use the resources and a modified model to raise awareness of palliative care in smaller CALD communities, initially Dutch, Jewish, Indian and Spanish-speaking communities, with others to be added later.

The bilingual brochure, “Palliative Care: Helping people with life-limiting illness live well”, is now available online and in hard copy in 17 languages with an accompanying audio file available here on our website.


These include a short summary and the executive summary of the evaluation. The full evaluation is available on request.


Culturally Responsive Palliative Care 2013-2015 - Short Summary

Project activities included community engagement & peer education to raise awareness of palliative care services among 10 CALD communities and education to cultural responsiveness education for the palliative care sector in Victoria.

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Culturally Responsive Palliative Care 2013-15 - Evaluation Executive Summary

Executive evaluation report of the Culturally Responsive Palliative Care Strategy 2013-2015 in Victoria implemented by Palliative Care Victoria and the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria.

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Appreciation & further information

We wish to thank the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, the Victorian Government and Perpetual (formerly the Trust Company) for their financial support of this work.

If you have any questions regarding this project please contact:

Mike Kennedy, Projects Manager
T 03 9662 9644
E mkennedy@pallcarevic.asn.au

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