Guidebook for Carers

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“This is a really great resource, and one I wish had come my way when I was caring and stumbling along, reinventing the wheel.  It’s a handbook for the whole journey, and I can see someone referring to it many times over for reassurance and guidance.  Full of liberty and generous permissions, and strengthened by the anecdotes from family carers which bring out the human elements.”                      Sue Binzer, family carer

Supporting a person who needs palliative care – A guide for family and friends

This easy-to-read, practical and comprehensive guide helps carers to care for their loved ones and also to care for themselves. It is informed by the latest research and includes input from carers who share their first hand experiences of caring for a person who needs palliative care.

The authors are Associate Professor Peter Hudson, Director of the Centre for Palliative Care, Professor (Hon) at the University of Melbourne, and Dr Rosalie Hudson, a nurse educator in palliative care, aged care, dementia care, ethics and pastoral care.

This 2012 edition is a significant update on the earlier 2004 edition, which has been very popular.

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We wish to thank Dr Peter Hudson and Dr Rosalie Hudson for writing this new edition for publication and the Department of Health Victoria for a grant to reduce the price we need to charge for bulk orders of printed copies. We also wish to thank all those who have supported its development and review, including carers who shared their personal experiences of the caring journey.