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Palliative Care Victoria Board

Palliative Care Victoria is an incorporated association and is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. Seven board members are elected by members at an Annual General Meeting and two directors are appointed by the Board. The Board meets regularly to provide sound governance.

Current Board members are: Kelly Rogerson (Acting Chair), Arunesh Choubey (Treasurer), Dr Sandeep Bhagat, Angie Dredge, Assoc Prof Barbara Hayes, Kim Hider. Kate Johnson and Amy Noble.

The Governance Committee provides advice to the Board on governance policies, board composition and succession planning, assessment of the Board and CEO. The current members are Kelly Rogerson, Angie Dredge and Amy Noble.

The Finance Risk and Compliance Committee provides advice to the Board and the current members are Arunesh Choubey (Chair), Kathryn Brown and Bart Clingin..

The Engagement Committee provides advice to the Board on community, consumer and stakeholder engagement and the current members are John Clements, Kim Hider, Kate Johnson and Sunita Varlamos.


Palliative Care Victoria is the peak body representing palliative care and other relevant health services and health professionals, patients, carers and people with an interest in palliative care. We have 155 members, including 89 organisation members.


A/Prof Violet Platt, Chief Executive Officer

Maree Chilton, Accounts Manager (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
Nora Fernandes, Community Engagement & Capacity Building Manager
Heike Fleischmann, Volunteer Engagement & Capacity Building Manager
Heather Stevens, Office & Member Services Manager

Our Values

We respect the value, dignity, and human rights of people with a life limiting illness and their families.

We empower people to prepare for dying, grief and loss, and to be supportive and resilient.

We are truthful and ethical in all that we say and do.

We foster compassionate communities and the quality of life of people with a life limiting illness and their families.

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