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Achieving the ultimate gift at end of life

A woman’s final wish to return to Newcastle, New South Wales so she could die surrounded by her family and friends was fulfilled.

Staff at the Mary Coram Unit in Goulburn Valley Health and the West Hume Palliative Care team enabled a 61 year-old lady with terminal cancer to achieve her final wish. This beautiful lady had been an in-patient for two weeks. She knew her remaining time was short and she wanted to return to Newcastle, NSW, to die surrounded by her family and friends.

The task of achieving this looked huge and expensive, but with the support of staff at Palliative Care Victoria, Jeremy at Shannon’s Bridge found the solution and made her wish come true.

Shannon’s Bridge organised and funded a commercial flight from Shepparton airport to Newcastle.  All of this was achieved in two days and with the most amazing coordination and empathy.  From telephone calls with Claire (PCV) and Jeremy (Shannon’s father), to the compassion of the pilots, John and Jack, this whole process went so smoothly and was so beautiful.

That morning out at the cold and cloudy airport, it was like the sun was shining so brightly.  Once this lady was settled on the plane she gave me the biggest hug, words were not needed.  She said she was going to enjoy seeing the canola in bloom and just enjoy the ride of her life.  So powerful!

About Shannon's Bridge

Shannon’s Bridge was created by Jeremy and his daughter Shannon.  Please visit their website and support this amazing organisation.

Text and images provided by Goulburn Valley Health with permission of all involved.

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