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Community representatives check out Calvary Health Care





Community ethnic and multicultural groups wish to work closely with palliative care services, supporting members of their community to access the services and assist clinicians to provide culturally responsive end-of-life care.

On November 8, 2018, Palliative Care Victoria and Calvary Health Care organised for nine visitors representing six ethnic/multicultural organisations to acquaint themselves with Calvary Health Care in Parkdale. Staff from Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association, PRONIA, United Spanish Latin American Welfare Centre, Chinese Community Social Services, Chinese Community Social Services, Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health and PCV’s Volunteer Facilitator attended the final of six visits to palliative services in 2018.

Mark Heenan of Calvary echoed the collaborative sentiment, “Thank you for …introducing a wide range of community services from such differing backgrounds. (Calvary) would love to develop stronger and wider links with various CALD groups.”

For ethnic organisations, there was an added benefit: “It’s … been a great opportunity to know those working in the same space from other organisations”, said Yue Gao, of Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health.

During the last three months of 2018, Palliative Care Victoria organised for 82 members of ethnic community and multicultural services to visit six palliative care services in metropolitan Melbourne. Some groups have expressed interest in getting to know Eastern Palliative Care and a visit will be organised for February 2019.

For further information please contact Palliative Care Victoria

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