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Ethnic Aged Care Workforce signs up for palliative approach

“Yes, we would like to upskill our staff and volunteers to deal with emerging issues in aged care”, was the unanimous cry from PCVs ethnic partners. But where to begin?

Weeks of consultation with managers and coordinators of aged care programs in 17 ethnic/multicultural organisations resulted in a shortlist of topics and a search for affordable and appropriate education opportunities.

Last week, 21 representatives of ethnic aged care services in metropolitan Melbourne attended a PCV workshop on ‘Recognising Deterioration’, facilitated by Sam Hingley of Calvary Health Care Bethlehem. The workshop was held at the Australian Vietnamese Women’s Association office, Richmond.

“Insight into the balance between benefits and burdens of treatment was useful”, said Cheri Tong, of Chinese Community Social Services, Doncaster. “In our work with the elderly in the community, we deal daily with the symptoms and myths about pain. These are difficult for the patients to verbalise and unrecognized by carers, especially for dementia patients.”

This workshop is the first of two planned for 2019. The second workshop, on ‘Palliative Care Conversations” will take place at the CoAsIt office in Carlton next week.

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