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Ethnic and spiritual reps visit Eastern Palliative Care

Last week, Palliative Care Victoria organised for twenty-eight professionals from ethno-specific aged care, pastoral and health care services to visit Eastern Palliative Care (EPC) in Mitcham. They were also joined by two people working with Palliative Care Victoria to increase community understanding of the positive experiences palliative care provides.

An Informative and engaging session

In a one-hour session, Jeanette Moody, CEO, EPC and key team members described their roles, services and the people they support every year. “It was a most informative and engaging session”, commented Mark Herrmann, Leader, Temple Society and President, Knox Interfaith Network.

Frieda Si from Chinese Cancer & Chronic Illness Society, summed it up for all: “(The visit) was a great opportunity for us to meet with other ethnic groups, to network and keep ourselves up to date with palliative services available in the community.”

Henry Liu from the Chinese Community Social Services said he now has a better idea how EPC could support the community. “I will share the information with our team.”

There are more such events to come! Rakhat Ulakova of Russian Ethnic Representative Council is looking forward to future professional development opportunities for culturally diverse communities. “We are finding events organised by Palliative Care Victoria very useful.”

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