For Families & Patients

Palliative care supports people with a life-limiting illness and their families to live, die and grieve well.

Support for families & carers

_MG_4607_smFamily often provide care and support when a family member is very ill and near the end of life. It can be very tiring – physically and emotionally. So it is important to look after yourself and get any support you need. Help is available for carers – including family members providing care.

Practical support

Palliative care offers practical support to families and carers including:

  • Respite care  – either at home or in a facility – to give a break from providing care
  • Help with your concerns and emotions
  • Advice on how to give care, including medications
  • Help to get equipment to help with moving the ill person and their comfort
  • Advice and support available, including during the evening, night and at weekends
  • Help to talk about the care of the ill person and their choices.