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Palliative care supports people with a life-limiting illness and their families to live, die and grieve well.
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Enjoying life

_MG_0583“I can see so much love in people that I never dreamed of. I never dreamed that I would see that. It is just fabulous.”  Astrid, 4 days before dying, The Dreamers.

Personal interests and goals

To maintain hope and enjoyment in life it can be helpful to set personal goals and focus on what is important to you. Physiotherapists, occupational, speech, music and art therapists can help you set and achieve your goals. Family, friends, counsellors and spiritual care workers can also help.

Meaning of life

Living with a life-limiting illness can make you think about the meaning of your life. People find this in their faith or religion, in close personal relationships, in nature and in the contributions during their life. Your palliative care team can support you to focus on what matters most to you.

Creativity and expression

Creative activities such as music and art can help you enjoy life, express your feelings and feel better in yourself. Music and art therapy can help relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia – and also give you the chance to create gifts for your loved ones.

Leaving a legacy

Sharing memories and creating legacy items – such as writing letters, recording a family biography and making photo albums, videos and time capsules – are great ways to give something of personal value to your loved ones. Trained volunteers may be available to help you with these activities.