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_MG_1338_smReference to evidence based standards and guidelines and continuous quality improvement processes support the delivery of high quality palliative care.


Essential elements for safe and high quality end-of-life care

This Consensus Statement outlines the elements and practice for delivering safe and high-quality end-of-life care in acute care settings in Australia. Published by the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2015

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Bereavement support standards for specialist palliative care

This document outlines factors impacting on grief reactions, eleven bereavement support standards, protocols and processes, and a bereavement support care pathway. Published by the Department of Health Victoria, 2012

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Capacity of Victorian Palliative Care Services to meet demand, funding trends, priorities May 2017

This report provides insights about the health of the Victorian palliative care sector, including its capacity to meet demand, recent trends in Government funding, barriers to supporting people to die at home, the need for increased support, and priorities for service improvement and innovation.

Prepared by Palliative Care Victoria, it is based on detailed feedback received from 50 palliative care services – representing 78% of the Victorian palliative care sector.

The report aims to contribute to actions that will advance the goals of Victoria’s end of life and palliative care framework, which include strengthening the specialist palliative care sector.

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