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Hindu Council of Australia spiritual carers reflect on end of life care

How does palliative care relate to the role of spiritual carers?

“We have come across the term palliative care but we would like to know how it is related to our role as spiritual carers.” So began a 90minute session with an engaging, dedicated and enthusiastic group of Hindu spiritual carers.

On July 20, 2019, 18 members of the spiritual care team of Hindu Council of Australia (Victoria) met at a community centre in Mount Waverley to discuss palliative care.


What matters most to you?

In response to the question “What matters most to you?”, it was not surprising that one’s faith, family life and peace of mind ranked high for this group.  Few were aware of community based palliative care services and availability of palliative services at home, or even that people at end-of-life may choose to die at home.

Some of the spiritual carers had more than 20 years experience, providing support to members of the community in prison, hospital or at home.

Spiritual carers available to provide support

Recently, 11 newly recruited spiritual carers completed a 20-hour training based on the guidelines of Spiritual Health Association (formerly Spiritual Health Victoria). The new graduates have already begun to respond to hospital calls. Mr.Makarand Bhagwat, Director, Hindu Council of Victoria supervises the team.

To contact a spiritual carer from Hindu Council of Victoria, please call Makarand Bhagwat, 0401350310, email or visit their website for more information on Hindu Council of Australia

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