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This space contains information for volunteers involved in palliative care.

  • The Two of Us - stories of palliative care volunteering
  • Victorian palliative care volunteer standards - Sample resource documents

  • Victorian palliative care volunteer standards
  • Victorian Palliative Care Volunteering Strategy 2013-2016
  • Helen's story - a palliative care volunteer

    Helen, a palliative care volunteer, talks about supporting a man with motor neurone disease who was receiving palliative care in an aged care facility. Duration 14 mins

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  • Palliative care volunteer supports a person with MND

    A palliative care volunteer describes how she supported a man with Motor Neurone Disease.

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  • Palliative care volunteers record biographies - part 1

    Trained palliative care volunteers record the biographies of people with a life limiting as a legacy for their family Part 1: Jennifer talks about her role and recording Cassandra’s biography.

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  • Volunteer workers