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This area includes stories about palliative care – including videos, podcasts and documents.

  • Fred & Jim's Story

    Fred and Jim talk about how they have coped with grief and loneliness after the death of their wives. Duration 16 minutes.

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  • Helen's story - a palliative care volunteer

    Helen, a palliative care volunteer, talks about supporting a man with motor neurone disease who was receiving palliative care in an aged care facility. Duration 14 mins

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  • Karen's story

    Karen Bryant, Gunditjmara woman, has cared for three family members with cancer. She describes how palliative care helped on the journey to the Dreaming.

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  • Margaret's story about palliative care for her husband

    Margaret’s husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She shares their experience of his illness and palliative care. Duration 8 mins.

    Our thanks to Margaret, Ballarat Hospice Service and ABC journalist, Dashiel Lawrence, who recorded this interview in 2010.

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  • Tania's story - palliative care helps you to live well

    Tania talks about how she could discuss with palliative care the things no-one else wanted to discuss and how they helped her with her emotional journey and to live well. Duration 2 mins

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  • Tania's story - life, death and dreams

    Tania shares her story and reflections on life, death and dreams in an interview with Pippa Wisher. Duration 4 mins.

    Tania is one of 40 palliative care patients featured in The Dreamers, a book produced by Pippa Wischer for Palliative Care Victoria. The book can be purchased from...

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  • Joseph's story - palliative care for children

    Joseph was diagnosed with severe epilepsy when he was three months old. His mother says:
    “The most surprising thing I have learnt about paediatric palliative care is that it is not just about endings. Palliative care is really a steady arm to lean on: it supports you to make your time...

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  • Dorothy's story - support for carers through palliative care

    Dorothy cared for her husband Lloyd at home. Palliative care helped her to give Lloyd the best possible quality of life and to die in comfort, at home.

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  • Charlie's story - palliative care for children

    Charlie was born with a nerve disorder that limits his physical and mental abilities. Palliative care assists his family to give him the best possible care and quality of life. This film was produced by Moonshine Movies. Duration 10 minutes.

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