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More than 10,500 Victorians Set to Benefit from Palliative Care Budget Boost

More than 10,500 Victorians will benefit from improved access to palliative care services as a result of the $72M increase in palliative care funding over the next 4 years announced in today’s Budget.

“We welcome this significant increase in recurrent funding to assist Victorians with a life limiting illness and their families to access palliative care services they need over the next four years,” said Palliative Care Victoria CEO, Odette Waanders.

“This budget announcement recognises the growing community need for palliative care in Victoria, due to our ageing population and more chronic disease as a cause of mortality,” she said.

Improved access to palliative care in the community

Last week, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare noted a significant rise over the last five years in the number of Australians who are admitted to hospital for palliative care and end of life care, with about half dying in hospital.

“This new funding recognises that most people prefer to receive palliative care at home. The new funding announced today will enable an extra 10,500 Victorians to receive community palliative care at home over the next four years.

“We are also very pleased this funding will support an increase in palliative care consultancy services and rapid response services to provide expert support with transitions from hospitals to home and residential aged care facilities,” Ms Waanders said.

These measures complement increases for community palliative care and consultancy services for rural and regional Victoria announced in November 2017.

Palliative care scholarships

“Development of the health care workforce to provide palliative care is also a priority. We are delighted that the budget includes scholarship funding to facilitate this,” concluded Ms Waanders.

The budget boost follows the launch of Moments That Matter, a powerful new campaign revealing intimate and personal stories from real people who have experienced palliative care to break down misconceptions and increase understanding. For more information, visit

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