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National Palliative Care Week 2020 – It’s more than you think

Share and celebrate what we do – pick up your phone to film and submit now!

This year, National Palliative Care Week will be held from Sunday 24 May – Saturday 30 May, themed Palliative care, it’s more than you think.

To coincide with National Palliative Care Week, Palliative Care Victoria is launching a video-based community awareness campaign that aims to educate and celebrate how palliative care is much more than what many people think.

We want to share and celebrate what palliative care is

The aim of this campaign is to create awareness and education on the importance of palliative care and show how palliative care is so much more than what many people think.

We know that working in palliative care is about helping people to live, die and grieve well and that the teams who do this are made up of many different roles and people. Through short videos of your personal examples, we want to share and celebrate this.

You know the special things that happen as part of palliative care; every day and even amidst a pandemic.  Get involved and let’s get it on video, to help the wider community understand why palliative care is so much more than they think.

Getting involved in very easy – just three simple steps!

Who can get involved?
Anyone who works or volunteers in the palliative care sector – from palliative care specialists and nurses to volunteers, support staff and community service providers.

How do I get involved?

Step 1: Create the video
If you’d like to be part of the ‘Palliative care, it’s more than you think’ campaign, we invite you to submit a video of yourself, explaining from your personal experience how palliative care is so much more than many people think.

Here is an video example: Tamara’s story

Other examples of this might be:

“I’m a nurse and we used one of the iPads we’ve borrowed, so one of our patients who’s currently isolated could connect with her son in Alice Springs… Palliative care, it’s more than you think”
“I’m based in Swan Hill and and I can often spend four hours in a day driving out and back just to check on one patient who still lives on their farm… Palliative Care, it’s more than you think”
“I’m an OT and I help people with Motor Neurone Disease adapt to their changing symptoms and still have their best possible quality of life… Palliative Care, it’s more than you think”
I’m a palliative care specialist and for me it’s about supporting a person for months before they die, so they can still be living as well as possible… Palliative Care, it’s more than you think”

There are a few requirements for the videos to ensure they can be uploaded correctly.

  1. The video should be filmed in landscape format
  2. The video should be maximum 30 seconds long
  3. The video should end with the phrase ‘palliative care, it’s more than you think!’
  4. Videos must respect patient privacy and should not identify which service you work for
  5. Videos cannot include any content which could reflect negatively on employers or be deemed controversial – this campaign is about celebration and positivity
  6. Videos must be submitted between Wednesday 6 May and Thursday 21 May to be considered for the campaign.

Step 2: Submit your video
Once your video is filmed, it is time to submit your video. You have a few options here:

  1. If the video is less than 10MB, you can email it to us via
    If you have any problems attaching the video it may be too large. In this case, you can use a free online service like WeTransfer and email us the link.
  2. Send it to us via Facebook Messenger. You can find us by clicking this link.

If you have any questions, or are having any issues uploading your video, please get in touch with us via email:

Step 3: We post your video
Videos will be posted to Palliative Care Victoria YouTube page from Sunday 24 May.
A select number will also be posted on the Palliative Care Victoria Facebook page throughout National Palliative Care Week.

Only videos which meet all the required specifications explained above will be posted on the Palliative Care Victoria social media pages.

Further information

We look forward to receiving your video submission and sharing your story.


Terms and conditions

  • If you are unsure whether participating in this campaign will breach social media policies at your place of work, you should first discuss with your manager.
  • The video submission period begins at 9am 6th May and ends at 11:59pm 21st May 2020.
  • By submitting a video, the participant agrees that Palliative Care Victoria and its agents will have the right to store, edit, duplicate, use and distribute the video to promote community understanding of the positive and meaningful support that palliative care provides. This will include online, social media, print, and other relevant communication channels.

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