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My journey as a mentee and mentor

Sharmalie Wijesinghe describes how her mentor helped shape her leadership capabilities as a nurse. She encourages others to get involved, for their own benefit and the advancement of the profession.

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Principles of palliative approach historically embedded in traditional Muslim health practice

Since medieval times, palliative care principles have been incorporated within Islamic teachings and health practice.

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PCV and VALID launch Easy English resources

New resources to help talk to people living with a disability about palliative care, death and grief.

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Palliative care nursing … it’s more than you think!

While 1 in 90 nurses across Australia are palliative care nurses, unless you have been involved or helped by such a service it is hard to truly understand what palliative care is. This project hoped to dispel the myths.

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Experiences of women from African-Australian backgrounds during COVID-19 lockdown

Attendees at Africause' second COVID-19 Impact Forum heard from five women representing different African communities living in Melbourne during the lockdown.

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