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“Pen Pals”

Banksia Palliative Care Service (Banksia) Volunteers have come together to establish a Pen Pal program to continue to support clients amongst the current COVID-19 restrictions.

The program is a first for Banksia, and Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Briffa states that “It’s a simple, yet highly effective program, and relates to a lot of our clients, who have, throughout their lives, relied on hand written communication to stay connected to their family and friends. This program draws upon that nostalgia and creates joyful anticipation, as our clients, and volunteers eagerly wait for their correspondence from one another. In this day and age, hand written letters are a rarity, but are always welcomed with a smile, knowing someone cares for you enough to hand-write you a letter.”

“… draws upon that nostalgia and creates joyful anticipation.”

Whilst the program was originally intended as a place holder to substitute volunteer’s face-to-face visits, Banksia is looking to continue this program and have it as a primary ongoing service.


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