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The Two of UsVolunteers in palliative care offer friendship and practical help that improves the quality of life of adults and children living with a life limiting illness and their families. The support of volunteers can also make it more possible for a person to receive care and to die at home.

Around 2,000 trained volunteers support people receiving palliative care and their carers throughout Victoria. They are important members of the palliative care team.

With the increasing need for palliative care, more volunteers are needed!

How to become a palliative care volunteer

Each palliative care service recruits, trains and manages their own group of volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a palliative care volunteer, you should contact the palliative care service in the area where you will be volunteering.  You can find your local palliative care service by using the “Find a Service” box on the home page of this website.

Your local palliative care service will provide you with more information about their volunteer intake processes but, as a guide, these might include:

  • A written application
  • An interview
  • A police check
  • An orientation and training program
  • A placement interview on completion of the training.

They will also advise you about the support that is available for volunteers and any requirements for ongoing training.

Some palliative care services advertise volunteering opportunities on this website.

More Information


Victorian palliative care volunteer standards

The Palliative care volunteer standards provide program standards and volunteer service standards for the Victorian palliative care sector. The program standards and volunteer service standards are designed to:

  • foster greater awareness of the role of volunteers in palliative care
  • support and promote volunteer engagement in palliative care
  • limit organisation legal liability with regard to volunteer engagement in palliative care services.

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Victorian Palliative Care Volunteering Strategy 2013-2016

Produced by Palliative Care Victoria, this strategy considers the emerging trends and outlines 5 key strategic priorities and associated actions to strengthen palliative care volunteering in Victoria.

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Managers of Palliative Care Volunteers Survey 2016-17

The 2016-17 Managers of Palliative Care Volunteers Survey was undertaken to provide an up-to-date census of the palliative care volunteer workforce, to inform priorities for planning for the next two years, and to identify priority actions for Palliative Care Victoria and palliative care services within Victoria.

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