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Volunteer Stories

Women-with-bright-clothes-in-opshopThe stories of palliative care volunteers and people with a life limiting illness and their families show how the gifts of caring for one another contribute so much to living, dying and grieving well.

Former strangers become friends, they share talents and interests, they learn from one another and they enjoy each other’s company. They celebrate life with a heightened sense of the value of the moment, of the day to day things we often take for granted.

We share some of these inspiring stories that remind us that it is the people in our lives who matter most.


Listen to these podcasts or download these stories to read:

  • The Two of Us - 2017 Stories

    Palliative care volunteers and the people they support tell us about their relationships.  Their stories are full of the joy of life and illustrate how these relationships are valued.

  • Palliative care volunteer supports a person with MND

    A palliative care volunteer describes how she supported a man with Motor Neurone Disease.

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  • Palliative care volunteers record biographies - part 1

    Trained palliative care volunteers record the biographies of people with a life limiting as a legacy for their family Part 1: Jennifer talks about her role and recording Cassandra’s biography.

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  • The Two of Us - stories of palliative care volunteering

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