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Training Kit

This second edition of the Palliative Care Victoria Volunteer Resource Training Kit, updated in 2012, is a valuable resource for providing high quality training for palliative care volunteers.

Training Kit Modules

The nine modules are:

Module 1: Introduction to Palliative Care
Module 2: Palliative Care Volunteer’s Role
Module 3: Communication
Module 4: Spirituality
Module 5: Diversity
Module 6: Responding to Loss and Grief
Module 7: Illnesses and Care
Module 8: Dying and Death
Module 9: Self Care of the Volunteer

Each module relates to specific competencies and includes a session plan, presentation slides, training activities, participant handouts, resources and equipment suggestions and relevant references.

A new continuing education module “Building Community Capacity Around Death and Dying” has been produced on a CD. This is included in the Kit and can also be purchased separately.

Benefits of the Training Kit

  • Uses a competency based framework that meets the Victorian palliative care volunteer standards and the Australian palliative care standards.
  • Provides a consistent baseline for initial palliative care volunteer training on a regional, state or national basis.
  • Maximizes resource sharing and learning.
  • Training facilitators don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’.
  • Allows organisations to include their own relevant policies and processes into the training program.
  • Can be used as individual training modules to assist in training external organizations and other health professionals in core areas of palliative care.

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We wish to acknowledge our appreciation of the significant support of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, in the initial development, independent evaluation and now new edition of the Palliative Care Volunteer Resource Kit.