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Victorian faith leaders increase their understanding of palliative care

When facing a life-limiting illness, many people turn to their faith and their faith community for spiritual support.

Faith leaders in culturally diverse Victorian communities have responded positively to PCV’s offer to provide information sessions to deepen their understanding of palliative care, the support it provides and how to access it.

Information session held for Islamic Community Council

The Islamic Community Council recently took up this opportunity with 22 representatives including the hospital chaplaincy team attending the PCV information session on 17 February 2019. They shared experiences, raised cultural concerns and deepened their understanding of palliative care. They also discussed the importance of communication about treatment and care preferences, including spiritual care.

Further educations sessions and opportunities

Following a recent education session with four clergy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Ravenhall, PCV will produce information about palliative care in the Amharic language for members of the community.

Similar sessions are planned for the South Sudanese, Buddhist, Greek Orthodox, Macedonian, Temple Society, and other faith communities.

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