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What do I value most? Taking time to think at the Spring Festival





The Values Compass from PCV’s Moments that Matter campaign was more like a magnet at the Health and Wellbeing Festival organised by SICMAA (Springvale Indo-Chinese Mutual Assistance Association) last week.

The Values Compass

The Values Compass lists a number of values such as Friendship, Love, Creativity, Family, Health etc. and invites one to rank the top five most important. About 40 participants at the festival completed the worksheet. Some were assisted with translation and completing the form by their friends and relatives.

For most of those who ranked their values, it appeared that Health, Family and Freedom were top winners. Close runners-up in the ranks were Learning, Honesty, Friendship. On completion, each visitor was invited to take the form home and share it with someone. This was greeted with smiles, laughter, a nod of satisfaction …and off they went.

Take a few moments to consider what matters most to you

You can find the My Values Compass on the PCV website. Share it with a friend or family member.

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