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Development of an AYA Palliative Care Framework for Victoria

Why is an Adolescent & Young Adult Palliative Care Framework needed?

In Victoria, around 320 Adolescents & Young Adults (AYA) aged 15-25 are diagnosed with cancer each year. While survival is generally improving, approximately 25 young people each year in Victoria will die from their illness.

While the importance of palliative care is known, there can be barriers to discussing and referring AYA to a palliative care service. Palliative care services are also often tailored to the needs of children or mature adults.

The Victorian Government (Cancer Planning, Integration and Monitoring department) has commissioned the Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Service to develop an Adolescent & Young Adult Palliative Care Framework. While the focus is on AYA with cancer, broad principles in the care of young people will be applicable for any young person with palliative care needs.

The framework will incorporate principles outlined in Victorian/national palliative care and cancer policies and frameworks (adult and paediatric), but will articulate how the needs of AYA needing palliative and end of life care differ from paediatric and mature adult palliative care.

Tracey Mander has been appointed to lead the project. She has a background in cancer and palliative care with clinical, managerial and project management experience.

Consultation to inform the framework

It is vital that the views and experiences of people caring for AYA are understood and included in development of the framework. Tracey will be coordinating (online) consultation sessions with stakeholders throughout Victoria during July, August and September.

If you would like to hear more about the project and/or be included in the consultation process, please contact Tracey via email at: tracey.mander@petermac.org

26 July 2022
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