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Make a Bequest

A bequest is a gift made as part of your Will. It can be money, shares, property or other valuable items. 

In addition to leaving a gift in your Will to family and other loved ones, we invite you to consider a gift to support the work of Palliative Care Victoria. When making a gift to a charity in your Will, you can choose from these options:

A residual bequest

After payment of all expenses, debts, and gifts specified to family and others, the remainder of the estate is to be given to one or more named charities.

A percentage bequest

This is a gift expressed as a percentage of your estate. Changes in the value or make-up of your estate over time don’t matter.

A specific bequest

A specific gift is named in your Will – such as an amount of money, property or stocks and shares.

Whole estate

You give the whole estate to the charity. This occurs if there are no family or other beneficiaries, or the person wishes to make a big difference with their gift to a specific cause.

Make your bequest today

To make your bequest call Palliative Care Victoria on (03) 9662 9644 or email info@pallcarevic.asn.au.

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