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Culturally & Linguistically Diverse People

In Victoria, levels of awareness of palliative care services and use of them are much lower among people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. 

Recent work by Palliative Care Victoria and the Ethnic Communities’ Council has found that when palliative care is explained in the relevant community language and with sensitivity to specific cultural and spiritual issues, it is well received.

It is also important to recognise that there is as much individual diversity within cultures as there is diversity between cultures. A person and family-centred approach is important rather than relying on cultural stereotypes.

Information about palliative care in community languages is available on this website and we encourage health professionals to use trained interpreters.

Useful resources

Cultural perspectives and values from ten CALD communities

This resource contains background information about ten communities, their cultural perspectives and values.  The communities included are Arabic-speaking background, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Maltese, Polish, Turkish and Vietnamese. You can also download this information for each community separately (scroll to alpha listing below).

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Delivering for Diversity: Cultural Diversity Plan 2016-2019

The Victorian government has developed the Cultural Diversity Plan 2016-2019 in the context of a whole-of-government approach to cultural diversity planning.  It contains guiding principles and priorities in four outcome areas.

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Hindu Council of Australia - guide for health care professionals and pastoral care workers

Hindu Council of Australia, Victoria has created this document to assist and inform healthcare professionals, administrative authorities etc about Hinduism so they can provide appropriate and effective care to their Hindu patients of clients.

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Death & Dying - Religious & Cultural Considerations

When dealing with a multicultural community there are many religious and cultural beliefs that need to be considered. The primary source of information regarding the care of the individual or the person’s body is the client and / or the family.

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Islamic perspective on end-of-life issues

Muslim Health Professionals Australia board has endorsed the brochure entitled ‘Islamic Perspectives on End-of-Life Issues’ which was prepared by Muslim Health Professionals Australia (MHPA) in collaboration with Palliative Care Victoria (PCV). It has been reviewed by Imam Alaa of Heidelberg Mosque.

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Islamic burial process of a COVID-19 deceased

This document has been produced in consultation with members of the medical community (MHPA), religious leaders, community leaders and most Muslim funeral directors in Victoria.

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Feasts & Festivals Around the World

This document provides a listing of religious and culturally significant events (with dates) celebrated around the world.

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