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Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is an essential domain of palliative care, which focuses on the needs of the whole person and their family. 

Spirituality is a fundamental element of human experience. It encompasses the individual’s search for meaning and purpose in life and the experience of the transcendent. For some people spirituality can be largely faith based, for others it may be their relationship with nature or the profound connections they have with other people.

Useful Resources

CareSearch - Care of the spirit

Evidence based information and resources relating to spiritual care of people receiving palliative care, collated by CareSearch.

Spiritual Health Association

Provides training, education, information and resources to facilitate the provision of quality spiritual care in all health service settings.

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Health Care Providers' Handbook on Hindu Patients

Information for heath professionals about Hindu religious beliefs and cultural practices that may be relevant in providing person-centred health care. Produced by Queensland Health.

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Health Care Providers' Handbook on Sikh Patients

Information for health professionals about Sikh religious beliefs and cultural practices that may be helpful in providing person-centred care. Produced by Queensland Health.

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Buddhist Care for the Dying Booklet

Practical advice on Buddhist practice on caring for a dying person and care of the body after death. Produced by the Buddhist Council of Victoria.

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Nurturing the spirit as the end of life approaches

Spiritual care is an important part of providing holistic palliative care. This podcast for health professionals considers approaches to nurturing the spirit of people with a life-limiting illness and their families. Duration 13 mins

Dr Bruce Rumbold is Director of the La Trobe University Palliative Care Unit, a public health teaching and research unit that focuses on social and spiritual aspects of life threatening illness and public health approaches to developing compassionate communities.