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Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Information about publications, policies, programs, resources and organisations which are relevant to the end of life care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

It includes information on culturally appropriate palliative care, as well as cultural perspectives on dying, death, grief and sorry business in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Working with Aboriginal People Protocols

Always ask the person about their cultural identity and find out what cultural practices are important to them.

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Aboriginal Health Services in Victoria

Find an Aboriginal service in Victoria from our extensive list. 

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Aboriginal Resources

Read through our extensive list of resources for working with Aboriginal people. 

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It's the Beginning of our Journey - Story of the Artwork

As you twirl a piece of ribbon, you don’t know which way it will go,
and this of course applies to the paths and journeys we take in our lives,
and how these paths can change as we go along in our life.

The road travelled together is easier than the road travelled alone
and that’s why the people in the art symbolise the support
of our family, friends, community and services.

The circles also symbolises that many people have travelled in and out
of our lives and these people are taking the same path into our Journey
of the Dreaming and the auras in the background are our ancestor
& family members guiding us to the dreaming.

Artist & Story Kahli Luttrell, Yorta Yorta descendent

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