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Palliative Care Project Officers

Palliative Care Victoria is the peak body for palliative care and end of life care. Established in 1981, we are an incorporated association and charity supported by the Victorian Government, organisation and individual members, other groups and funders. A founding and current member of Palliative Care Australia, we also contribute to national policies and initiatives in collaboration with the state and territory palliative care peak bodies.

Palliative Care Victoria, will be leading a series of exciting projects, jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments, as a part of the Comprehensive Palliative Care in Aged Care program which is being implemented across Australia. An overview of the three key projects is listed below.

Project 1: Local capacity building – Improving access to palliative and end of life care

Build capacity in residential aged care facility staff to recognise residents’ clinical deterioration and establish processes and pathways to initiate, manage and, where relevant, escalate care to specialist palliative care providers.

This may include:

  • Providing palliative approach to care – training for residential aged care facility (RACF) executive and staff, general practitioners, presenters from palliative care sector;
  • Comprehensive Health Assessment of the older person training for registered nurses with a similar program for aged care workers;
  • Exploring capacity to establish, test and implement a Care Plan for the Dying Resident based on Safer Care Victoria’s 2019 Care of the Dying Person project;
  • A mentor program for aged care registered nurses to promote resilience and sustainable palliative and end of life care work practices; and
  • Foster collaborative engagement with local community support services to build positive ageing and engagement in local community. This will promote development of sustainable relationships to support social inclusion. This will help residents maximise quality of life and support them, aged care workers and facility staff with socialising death and dying which will in turn support the facilities capacity to support grief and bereavement.
Project 4: Goals of care for residents without decision making capacity

Partner with health service provider(s) to test, refine and implement resources to support families of residents without decision-making capacity to identify and record goals of care. Well-crafted goals of care can inform maintenance and end of life plans for residents thereby preventing unnecessary transfers to emergency departments for care not aligned to the resident’s goals of care.

Where possible test goals of care approach with CALD residents and culturally centric RACFs.

Project 5: Resident Elders, promoting culturally safe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander palliative and end of life care for elders

In partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations develop and implement a model of care that supports Elders to access culturally safe and effective palliative and end of life care. This may include:

  • Developing scenarios, resources and artefacts that foster discussions and activities to establish goals of care for elders;
  • Review and amend referral pathways promoting access to palliative care at a local/regional/Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community level; and
  • Explore models to actively engage AHCW and liaison officer’s engagement.
To join the project team

you will bring a range of skills which may include:

  • Project management, monitoring and reporting,
  • Demonstrated experience with a wide range of stakeholders,
  • Demonstrated understanding of palliative care and/or residential aged care,
  • Good communication and collaboration skills,
  • Experience working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations,
  • Experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.
If you have expertise in any of the areas listed above please:

Contact Violet Platt (CEO) for a conversation about the roles in more detail
Email us a short written letter (no more than 3 pages) outlining your skills and interest in the projects along with a CV by Friday 18 November, 2022.

NB: Interviews will be held Thursday 24 and Monday 28 November 2022.

We will provide a fun and challenging working environment, flexibility of hours, ability to work from home, great working conditions. Salary will be negotiated based on skills and experience. Funding for this program runs until 30 June 2024.

Contact details

Adj A/Prof Violet Platt, Chief Executive Officer
email vplatt@pallcarevic.asn.au
phone: 03 9662 9644

06 November 2022
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