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PCV team member visits Ballarat Hospice Care


Heike Fleischmann, PCV’s Volunteer Engagement & Capacity Building Manager, recently had the privilege of visiting Ballarat Hospice Care, an organisation whose values and commitment to compassionate care are evident in every aspect of their work. 
The new palliative care hub is a testament to their dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for patients, families, and the community.

Heike (L) with Supportive Care Volunteers and Maree Povey (R)

During her visit, Heike had the opportunity to meet with the Supportive Care Volunteers and their Volunteer Manager, Maree Povey. Their passion for their roles was truly inspiring, and their stories shed light on the profound impact they have on the lives of those they serve.

The volunteers expressed a deep sense of fulfilment in knowing that their presence and support make a difference. For some, it's the simple act of providing social connection and witnessing the joy it brings to patients. Others find solace in the reciprocal nature of volunteering, knowing that support will be there for them if they ever needed in the future.

Listening and offering comforting presence, even in moments of silence, was highlighted as a powerful gift volunteers can provide. The opportunity to be part of something bigger, to feel useful and connected, resonated strongly with retired volunteers. They found purpose and structure through their service.

Supporting carers and giving them respite, as well as providing patients with a fresh perspective and someone to confide in, were among the many ways volunteers found fulfilment in their roles.

One of the counselling rooms at the hub

Ballarat Hospice Care’s palliative care hub not only reflects their values but also provides a nurturing environment where dedicated volunteers can make a profound impact on the lives of people with a life limiting illness. Their commitment to compassion, empathy, and community engagement is inspirational.

More information

Enquiries about volunteering with Ballarat Hospice Care should be directed to:

Maree Povey
Volunteer Manager
Phone 035333 1118
Email mpovey@ballarathospicecare.org.au 


Heike Fleischmann, Volunteer Engagement & Capacity Building Manager, Palliative Care Victoria
email: hfleischmann@pallcarevic.asn.au 

07 July 2023
Category: Volunteer News