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Sharing information about palliative care and advance care planning with the Polish community


National Palliative Care Week was a busy time for PCV staff and volunteers. A highlight was an invitation by PolCare (Polish Community Care Services) to deliver two information sessions for members of the Polish community. Our volunteer facilitators, Catherine Kelly and Margaret Walsh, presented on the themes of advance care planning and palliative care services.  

Held at the newly opened PolCare office in Mount Waverley, the sessions attracted over 40 staff members working across the organisation and 30 carers and volunteers who meet regularly on site.

Both sessions were delivered in Polish with the assistance of our experienced interpreter Tatiana Slezak. Participants were also provided with resources in Polish to take home.

Photo provided courtesy of PolCare

The sessions were well received, including some wonderful feedback from PolCare’s Respite for Carers Program Co-ordinator, Janina Dytman, who spearheaded the work:

 “On behalf of the Polish community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for delivering the recent palliative care and advanced care planning information sessions. Your dedication to providing invaluable resources and support to our community is deeply appreciated. We would also like to express our sincere thanks for arranging an interpreter, ensuring that language barriers did not hinder our understanding or access to such vital information. Your thoughtful inclusion of this service highlights your commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. The sessions provided us with invaluable insights into palliative care, helping us navigate this complex and important aspect of healthcare with clarity and understanding. Your efforts have empowered us to make informed decisions and better support our loved ones during challenging times. Your work truly makes a difference in the lives of many.”

Photo provided courtesy of PolCare

We thank PolCare for the invitation to deliver the information sessions and for their wonderful hospitality, including sharing in some authentic Polish delicacies. We invite you to learn more about PolCare, their great work with the Polish community, and how they may be able to support your clients from Polish background.

Palliative Care Victoria offers free information sessions to community groups and organisations. To find out more, or to book a session, please visit our website or contact Heike Fleischmann via hfleischmann@pallcarevic.asn.au.

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Tonina Gucciardo-Masci
Community Engagement Manager
Palliative Care Victoria
May 2024

05 June 2024
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