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'The Project' showcases new volunteer program at Palliative Care South East

A recent episode of Channel 10’s 'The Project' showcased the new volunteer memorabilia program that is run by Palliative Care South East. 

The segment featured Richard Almond, a widower, whose wife of 40 years has recently passed away from Liver Cancer. 

Richard’s emotional tale of his love for his wife, and his grieving process provides the perfect platform to highlight the work that is done by volunteers at Palliative Care South East. 

Rochelle Dullard (Palliative Care South East) explains how the pandemic made it hard for some to say goodbye to their loved ones, and that the memorabilia program was designed to help people who had experienced this. 

Volunteer, Gabrielle (featured in the segment), is one of a team who craft memorabilia such as teddy bears and cushions from the clothing of departed loved ones. The memorabilia can be made from any memorable textile item that holds a connection for those who are grieving.

Gabrielle described her experience of volunteering in this program as “…a privilege to be able to have people’s clothing, and to be able to create something that is hopefully lasting for them. And to laugh, as well as cry.” 

Follow this link to view the segment on The Project’s Facebook page (4:44).  

For further information about volunteering with Palliative Care South East please contact:
Rochelle Dullard, Community Liaison Officer
Email: Rochelle.Dullard@palliativecarese.org.au or
Phone: (03) 5991 1300

14 December 2022
Category: Volunteer News