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Aged Care and Palliative Care

PCV Projects 2023-2024 

Palliative Care Victoria has undertaken two projects, funded by the Federal and State Departments of Health, which aim to enhance access to palliative and end-of-life care within aged care for two cohorts of our older community members.

1. Goals of care for residents without decision making capacity 

Partner with health service provider(s) to test, refine and implement resources to support families of residents without decision-making capacity to identify and record goals of care. Well-crafted goals of care can inform maintenance and end of life plans for residents thereby preventing unnecessary transfers to emergency departments for care not aligned to the resident’s goals of care. 

2. Resident Elders, promoting culturally safe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander palliative and end of life care for elders 

Partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to develop and implement a model of care that supports Elders to access culturally safe and effective palliative and end of life care. 

Call out for your assistance:

The project team looking at providing support to families who are required to make care related decisions on behalf of family members living in residential care is seeking your assistance. They are interested in talking with family members to understand more about what resources they would find useful in making decisions for their relatives who may not be able to communicate their own needs and choices.

If you are able to share this information flyer with potential family members within your community, we would greatly appreciate it.  Should you have any queries, please contact Lynne at lcasey@pallcarevic.asn.au

Overview to aged care

Since the Royal Commission into Aged Care handed down its final recommendations in February 2021, the pace of change has continued to accelerate in response to the challenges and needs of the industry. As we are all aware these challenges were stretched tremendously during the COVID-19 pandemic particularly in Victoria.

Jenny Cotterell, PCV Aged Care Project Officer, has written the following articles:

An overview of the aged care reforms, particularly in regard to palliative and end of life care.

A brief summary of the Star Rating System introduced in December 2022 in response to Recommendation 24 of the Royal Commission in Aged Care Quality.

Summary of findings from the resident experience surveys 2017 - 2019 

Special Interest Group (SIG)

PCV members are invited to join a new special interest group - Aged Care and Palliative Care. The purpose of the SIG is to:

  • Promote awareness and advice on current issues in aged care and palliative care
  • Provide opportunities for health professionals to provide advice on advocacy, policy and education matters.
  • Support health professionals working in aged care and palliative care

To remain informed as the SIG develops please complete the online EOI form.

Further Information

If you would like more information about palliative care, there are many other resources available on our website:

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